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6th February 2018
Those who know me, know I’m a fighter. But the last 9 months of dealing with my Personal Independence Payment has taken it’s toll. I cried when the Judge told me the decision to take away my benefit had been overturned. I was so relieved, just knowing I could pay back my son who has been paying our mortgage, and friends who have got us through financially. To everyone I want to say a big thank you. Thank you for your support and love. Thank you too, to the Welfare Rights lady whose name I can’t remember.
I want people to know that it wasn’t just for my well being that I went through this ordeal. It’s to give others encouragement to get help and fight for their rights. OK, so I’ve lost 9 months. 9 months of constant worry and uncertainty that has had a bearing on my relationships, not least that of my husband.
When I was diagnosed with young onset dementia, my consultant said “You need to go out from here and enjoy life, because I can’t tell you how long you have got until you lose mental capacity”. So losing 9 precious months has been devestating. It’s near on impossible to make memories when you are limited physically,financially and living in fear of the future.
I can never make up those 9 months, but I can make the next nine months count, and that’s my intention, to carry on raising awareness about this nasty disease and be there for people affected by it.
They may take away my benefits, but they can’t take my passion for trying to live well and help others do the same.
Joy Watson
February 2018

Since Joy Watson was diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer’s in 2013, she has had a dream.  A residential community where people with dementia can live independent lives with their families.  A community where we can support each other and encourage people to live well with dementia.  This community will consist of individual bungalows to encourage independent living, a community centre and hub where people can meet socially and receive support if needed.  We will also have shops, a hairdresser and other commercial outlets.  We will encourage the local community to use our facilities and take part in activities.


To launch this project, Joy is looking for sponsors to support her as she rides the longest Zip Wire in Europe and the fastest in the World in the summer of 2018.

People are always telling me that I shouldn’t partake in risky activities due to having dementia, but that would mean the dementia was dictating my life and there’s no way I am about to let that Happen.  Yes, I’m petrified of heights, but I’m also up for a challenge

If this is something you would like to support, or maybe even take part in, please contact Dementia Havens.

Joy Watson